About ACT Aerofreight

ACT Aero Freight International is an independent Belgian General Cargo Sales & Services Agent representing 13 international airlines of which 9 are the national carrier. The diversity of airlines and the large number of destinations we offer, enable us to have daily personal and/or telephone contacts with most of the forwarders. Our offices are conveniently located in the main building of the Brussels Cargo complex.

Our staff, total 6 people, is very experienced and highly motivated. This is absolutely necessary, since a Cargo G.S.A.’s level of income is entirely dependent on its cargo sales performance. As a standard rule our offices are operational 5 days a week, from 06.00 am until 17.30 pm. Saturdays from 06.00 am until 13.00 pm. Furthermore each Sunday and legal holidays we have one person in our office taking care of the day to day business.Outside office hours, our staff is reachable via mobile phones.

Our company is a CASS Billing partner; we provide Cass, electronically with the necessary data in order to invoice the forwarders. At the same time we use AFRA (AFRA is designed to support the e-Rate format in a number of ways, to the benefit of both Airlines and GSA's submitting tariff data as well as Forwarders using the AFRA database to retrieve data.) and Inforwarding.com, a platform to exchange information about all cargo issues with the forwarding community.

ACT AeroFreight

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