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Jat Airways's predecessor, the Society for Air Transport AEROPUT, was founded on June 17th, 1927. This date marks the beginning of civil aviation in our country. The first aircraft to fly under the company name Yugoslav Airlines took off 20 years later, on April 1st, 1947.

In mid-January 1947, the civil aviation traffic administration became part of the Transport Ministry, thereby confirming its civilian status. On 17 March, pilots, navigators, radio operators and flight mechanics were transferred from the Transport Regiment to the newly formed company. In the meantime, the company acquired modified aircraft and the first flying season was launched on 1 April 1947.

After weathering the winds of war, AEROPUT pilots and mechanics joined Yugoslav Airlines crews in JAT’s earliest days.

Yugoslav Airlines kicked off with two C-47 aircraft modified into a DC-3 and two JU-52 Junkers. In the course of the year, the fleet grew by another JU-52, four DC-3s and one unmodified C-47 intended for cargo transport. These aircraft maintained regular traffic on domestic lines: Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana and Zagreb-Sarajevo, and on international lines: Belgrade-Prague-Warsaw.

Just as the beginning of the 1960s was decisive due to the introduction of the first jet-engine aircraft, so were the 1970s with the introduction of the "big Boeing" - the B-707, after which the first charter lines were established to North America with regular traffic. In addition to the introduction of the Douglas DC-10-30, the first wide-body aircraft, in 1978, this period represented the beginning of one of the most important stages in JAT’s evolution.

Yugoslav Airlines changed its name to Jat Airways on 8 August 2003. In 2006, for the first time since 1991, Jat finished the business year with a positive result. This was followed by a difficult period for world aviation in general, which left its mark on the Serb airline struggling during this time to find a strategic partner. After several attempts, on 1 August 2013, Etihad Airways, Jat Airways, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia announced a strategic partnership aimed towards ensuring the future of the Serb national carrier. Etihad Airways signed a five-year contract for management of the newly founded airline in which Etihad Airways would have 49% equity share, while Jat Airways would be rebranded to Air Serbia. Etihad and the Government of the Republic of Serbia undertook to invest USD 40 million each and to provide additional resources up to the maximum amount of USD 60 million. Our national carrier commenced flights to Abu Dhabi on 26 October 2013, and on 28. October 2013 the airline officially changed its name to Air Serbia


Code: JU

Prefix: 115

Flightschedule BRU-BEG:


These flights are served with a A319 (max 160kg per pc and 115cm heigh)

Cargodestinations ex BEG:

Abu Dhabi (AUH), Athens (ATH), Banja Luka (BNX), Bucharest Otopeni (OTP), Larnaca (LCA), Ljubljana (LJU), Podgorica (TGD), Prague (PRG), Tivat (TIV), Shermetyevo 2 (SVO), Skopje (SKP), Sarajevo (SJJ) and Tel Aviv (TLV)

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